8800 Nagykanizsa, Magyar út 168.
+36 (93) 536 276 info@faferi.hu

2700 Cegléd, Szelei út 2.
+36 (20) 297 0569 cegled@faferi.hu

For a sustainable future!

Our company, Fa-Feri KFT., considers environmental protection important and is committed to responsibly managing natural resources.

Our activities are closely related to the following

Managing wood waste, where it is important for us to carefully handle wood as a raw material and excel in the waste sorting process. Our participation in the circular economy is in line with sustainability, enabling the recycling of used materials. The wood residues collected by FALCO REC KFT. and recycled wood are used by FALCO Zrt. to produce high-quality processed wood chipboard products, thus ensuring the circular flow!

Our active participation in selective waste collection strengthens our environmental efforts, contributing to sustainable practices.

Our modern solar panel system reduces our ecological footprint and provides clean energy for our operations. All of our waste products undergo sorting and recycling on our own modern technological equipment, ensuring sustainable wood use.

Fa-Feri KFT. thus contributes to giving wood, as a scarce raw material, the attention and appreciation it deserves, for building a sustainable future.