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2700 Cegléd, Szelei út 2.
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The history of FA-FERI KFT. began in January 1991, with just one employee, focusing on the manufacturing of woodworking products and the distribution of woodworking raw materials and auxiliary materials. The founder’s personal ambition, the increasing demand for higher quality services, the growing demand for custom-made products, and the opportunity to become suppliers to furniture manufacturing companies drove the business forward.

After overcoming the initial challenges, taking advantage of the opportunity for credit and utilizing their own financial resources, the company underwent a transformation in July 1996, giving birth to FA-FERI KFT. Initially, the business operated with just one woodworking specialist, the owner with decades of experience, but over time, the staff gradually increased.

Thanks to our outstanding expertise, we have gained wide recognition and become suppliers to large-scale enterprises. We continuously expanded our client base, and they turned to us with increasing confidence.

Gaining and maintaining trust was crucial, and we achieved this by constantly improving our products to meet the growing needs and expectations of our customers.

In the early days, we operated with our own small premises, but as the business grew, it became necessary to establish a larger, modern facility. We replaced our original homemade machines with state-of-the-art equipment and expanded our fleet of transportation vehicles. We increased our workforce to 115 employees to provide better social conditions for them.

The Foundation of Our Development

  • Continuous learning and skill enhancement.
  • Flexible adaptation to the business environment.
  • Ensuring quality work.
  • Monitoring customer expectations and demands.
  • Collecting and evaluating market information.
  • Commitment to quality work and flexible adaptation to changes.
  • Providing high-quality woodworking products and services to customers.

FA-FERI KFT. continues to serve you, offering high-quality woodworking products and services.